Are you ready to kickstart your flamenco dancing?

Flamenco Bites now offers personal coaching to aspiring flamenco dancers.

Since we released our coaching hours earlier this month we have had quite a questions about how the hours could be used with many people unsure of what structure the sessions should take.

We decided that it would be helpful to create some coaching packages with a structure to help you give you an idea on how you can spend your time with us.

Calling all budding flamencos and flamencas.

Because learning flamenco dance is not for the faint of heart, we’re here to help and guide you and get you dancing.

We provide personalized guidance, big heaps of encouragement and one massive dose of inspiration to all levels, from absolute beginners to total pros.

So what have we got for you?

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New! Free 30-minute mini-webinar

On Sunday the 16th of February 2014 we are starting our new free mini-webinar. 


[Go here to register for Arte del Flamenco, our fortnightly (and free) mini-webinar.]

The details

Every second Sunday at 1pm CET (Madrid), we’ll be hosting a 30-minute mini-webinar. That’s also…

  • 7am EDT (San Francisco)
  • 12pm BST (London)
  • 11pm  AEDT (Sydney)

Our audience is international, so we wanted to pick the best possible time that would work for the most possible people. That’s a tough job. The main thing was that we didn’t want this to air at 2 or 3am for people in Australia.

We call it a mini-webinar because it won’t be as structured as the traditional webinar. We aren't going to prepare a professional looking Powerpoint and it won’t take 45-minutes to an hour.

This will have a very casual structure. We'll spend the first 10-15 minutes covering any flamenco news and we'll pick one big topic to discuss each week that you will help you the flamenco dance student.

The final 15 minutes will be spent answering your questions.

Why are we doing this?

We wanted another medium to reach people. Some may prefer this over our written or video content, and it will be much more interactive.

How can you join?

Go here to register.

When you sign up, you’ll receive both a welcome email and a message from GoToWebinar with details.

Easy, right? Yep…